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Music Modern History – Individualism Comes To The Fore


Nothing has been more motivational over the last hundred years or so than the progress of music modern history. Who can forget names like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, Madonna, U2 and Simon and Garfunkel. What is even more remarkable is how this period of music modern history has changed so rapidly. It is as if the cork was pulled on stagnation and fresh air rushed in. Of course, the invention of electricity and other technological advancements have built a platform on which music has sprung.

Arguably the era of modern music actually began in 1892. Prior to this time, music was mostly listened to at Classical Music Concerts and Musical Theatre shows. The springboard into a more personal appreciation of music began in that year with the marketing of gramophone records. This took the listener away from the group appreciation and allowed the personal savoring of individual tastes.

A few decades later in 1919-1920, the personal nature of musical appreciation went a step further with a base of radio broadcasting. Suddenly, music became more viable as a lifestyle instead of a luxury. Yes, the costs of listening were still high, however the portability of the medium meant that the individual nature of the listening came to the forefront.

Music Modern History – Individualism Increases

Once the mold was set, priority being given to personal music listening, the ground was set for an explosion in efficient technology over the last few decades or so. Gramophones and other archaic players gave way to vinyl records and compact cassettes. A major leap forward occurred with the introduction of the Compact Disc in 1983, this was advanced further in the mid 1990’s with digital audio recordings. The individualism of progress was further enhanced by downloadable digital tracks, one example being with the introduction of iTunes on January 9th 2001. No longer does one need to visit a record store(which is taking a back seat and relying, it seems more on older generations), now someone would be able to download tracks from the iTunes store. Although Apple was the go to platform for many digital tracks, the field has widened considerably with apps such as Pandora, Shazam, Spotify, iHeartradio, soundcloud etc….

Looking back over the last hundred and a bit years, individualism in tastes and consumption has kept pace with and at times outshone the actual technological advancements in bringing music to the masses. Whilst this ‘advancement’ has made music more readily available and varied, it has taken the social and collective aspect of music appreciation to the back burner, if not minimized it’s relevance. In addition, whilst concerts etc were largely limited to middle and upper classes to savor, due to the prohibitive cost, the individualist nature of modern music consumption has made music very affordable, although concerts still remain expensive by and large.

So, next time we put your ear phones in, or listen to a track on your digital device, it’s good to spare a moment to think that what we can enjoy today, whether alone or, with friends, has come a long way and become much more affordable.


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